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Etude House Skin Malgem Smoother and Emulsion Review

We're back with Etude House's product, Skin Malgem! What we have here are both the Toner (Smoother) and the emulsion. Malgem is a korean word for cleanliness, clarity and pureness. And moreover, this product is endorsed by SHINee! (Picture Heavy!)

And this time we got ourselves the Skin Malgem's smoother. The bottle is not made up of glass, for whoever thought it was. It is made up from plastic and it has a very cute design!

(You can zoom the pictures by placing it on the new tab.)

It is the best to use the toner after washing your face. This toner also removes dead particle and bacterias as it is an exfoliation toner, so this one brightens up your complexion if you use it daily. Your face will feel very fresh, light, clean and moisturised! Simply use a cotton pad for this. Usually you will be given two free merchandise; the facial mask and the cotton pad.

Okay, first of all. This is one of the weirdest cotton pad we've ever seen. The texture itself is very rough and somewhat a fabric-texture. But after we drench the pad up it gets really smooth, smoother than your normal cotton pad you usually find from the drugstore.

Also, this is the facial mask which transforms from this little coin shape into a mask sheet. Sounds really weird, right? Maybe some of you know what that means.

This is the weird transformation:

This mask maintains the moisture in our skin and helps the skin to absorb the product better, much better than dabbing the cotton allover your face. We recommend to use this once or twice a week. It has a texture of a tissue sheet and it tears easily, so please handle it carefully!

Skin Malgem Emulsion is basically the matching moisturizer used for any five types of the toner. Use this after you apply the toner and it gives your skin a healthy glow. It will not clog pores since it is water-based. It is really thin so you won't feel anything so heavy and dense covering your skin in the morning. We recommend washing your face twice a day, once for dry-skin.

We promise you your skin will feel smoother, cleaner and whiter after a week! This apply to the normal skin types though. So please do buy the toner according to your skin type. Using the wrong types can cause really bad breakouts, so please! We recommend using 'fresh' for treating both blackheads and oily skin. 

Overall thoughts for Skin Malgem's Smoother:
Pros:  -It really brings an instant glowing look when it is applied to the face.
-Moisturizes really well, even better than our usual toner.
-It smells pleasant, but is not too strong.
-Minimizes pores and cleans out impurities as it removes dead skin.

Cons: -A little pricey here.
-Causes some breakouts if you aren't used to these types of toner or even due to over-using.

Overall thoughts for Skin Malgem's Emulsion:
Pros: -The consistency is really light.
-It doesn't clog pores and it brightens up the skin complexion.
-It smells really fresh and moisturize your skin for quite a long time.
-No irritation (Compared where this is used without the toner.)

Cons: -Doesn't have SPF like any other moisturizer.
-And that's it! 


Summary for the other types of toner:

     [Fresh]: This controls excess sebum while  providing enough moisture  to keep the skin matte. It removes residual buildup and tightens pores. Bamboo extract will nourish your skin.

        Sebum control: [6/6]
         Keratin care: [4/6]

For: Oily Skin.

[Deep moist]: Highly nutritients skin with a very high moisture level. This is used for very dry skin as it is capable to penetrate deep and effectively. The soybean extracts will nourish skin effectively and change the skin condition.
Water: [4/6]
Nutrition: [6/6]
For: Dry Skin.

[Essential]: This gives more moisture to the skin as it has two different layers made up by Olive Oil, and the toner itself. It controls acne problems as it has delicate extracts from chammomiles. It also helps reducing the pores and creates a brighter, softer skin.
Water: [4/6]
Oil: [6/6]
For: Combination Skin types.

[Moist]: This includes hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moist and is specifically made for those who have a slighty dry type. 
Water: [6/6]
Keratin: [3/6]
For: Dry-Normal Skin.


britty_kitty_ said...

I love this review. :-)
I have oily skin, and I've been looking for a new toner to try out. I love Korean cosmetics only because it's always so natural.

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Rexxx said...

Thank youuu.. it really help me out

Joachim Ardiles Jukie said...

Curious with the price but, wish to have it!

Lily Chan said...

Excuse me, I have a question. Is smoother okay for my skin? My cheeks don't have much breakouts, usually one or two or even a few, as for my forehead, it will constantly have breakouts, especially during that time of the month. Which skin malgem series would best suit my skin in accord with the information I have provided? I really need a recommendation :)

Linsey Reed said...

I really like this! I've been eyeing out the Skin Malgem line for a while but I just purchased a toner + emulsion from Nature Republic because I couldn't decide which Skin Malgem to get! This helped a lot. :D

Ashley Simmons said...

Awesome review! So happy you had a description for the rest of the malgem toners as well. Was looking for another toner to try & now I've figured out which one of these is suitable for my skin. Thanks so much!

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Pauline Reyes said...

Are these products available in the Philippines? I always want to try cosmetics from Etude House.
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Ou Ma said...

Follow for follow?
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This looks really moisturizing! Wish I can try it soon!

Richard Butler Creagh said...

The mask is so convenient and so affordable! Thanks for the review!

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